The company Aluteh d.o.o. is a trading company, which is characterized by its sales program of proven and recognized quality. Geographically, we are focusing mainly on the European area; however markets outside of the EU also represent increasingly new challenges.

Our good relations with various economic sectors - trade in aluminium alloys, foundry industry, builders’ joinery, electrical industry, food industry, car / motor industry - and precisely this diversification of our business in various industries, represents our advantage, which in times of crisis enables our existence and development and puts us before ever new challenges.

At the same time, we strive constantly to search for new markets and to expand our product range continuously.

We try to understand our customers' expectations, and at the same time to take care of the environment and the health of our employees. We want to strengthen our position among the major suppliers of non-ferrous alloys in the field of metal products, especially the foundry, both in Slovenia and in the wider European area.

We are aware that with our vision we have to commit to high standards and excellence, but that is our path we have set and with solid steps we are looking for even better ways to offer our existing and new customers quality products with a good competitive price-performance ratio.

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