The company ALUTEH Ltd. is a representative also in the field of pressure castings of aluminium alloys and in the field of production of pressure and cutting tools for the needs of pressure casting.
We offer the following pressure machines:
with closure force: 225 tons, 400 tons, 630 tons and  840 tons.
In the production of pressure casting the following types of alloys are available:
DIN 230  - EN AC AlSi12(Fe)        10%     of the production
DIN 231  - EN AC AlSi12Cu(Fe)    15%     of the production
DIN 226  - EN AC AlSI9Cu3(Fe)    75%     of the production
We offer cleaned pressure castings, which means that they can be blasting shots (iron stainless granulate in diameter 0.4 mm), deburring (with plastic or ceramics) and regarding the demand of a customer also mechanically worked and painted.

The melting is performed in the sloped clay smelting stoves (STRIKO and MARCONI), the melt is refined with the salts and deoxidants before casting in the smelting stoves. According to the demand, the melt can be additionally degasified with nitrogen before pouring it to the maintenance stove.  For maintaining of the melt we use the maintenance stoves Striko.
We offer also the production of pressure and cutting tools and maintenance of them until the expiration of service life of tools or products.

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